Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2, through Tuesday, September 7, 2010: At Accord, New York:
We returned to the Rondout Vallet RV Resort in Accord, New York on Thursday. It was another four-state day: From New Hampshire, through Vermont and Massachusetts and into New York, all in 244 miles. We were in Accord several weeks ago and enjoyed it. We arrived just in time to get the last available full-hookup site. It's Labor Day weekend, of course, and most RV parks are full---for the last hurrah of the summer season. (New Hampshire schools actually re-opened last week.) To celebrate our return, we went back to the Chinese buffet restaurant in Kingston for dinner. Yum.

It's fun to return to a place we've been before. We know where the stores and restaurants are, and we're comfortable with the RV park facilities. At this park, we know we can rig up a pickle ball court easily, and we did. The mobs started arriving on Friday. Arrrrgh! I didn't know there were this many children in the entire world. They seem to drop candy wrappers and other trash everywhere. I talked with a park employee about it and he said the maintenance people are supposed to take care of ir, but with this big a crowd they can't keep up.

We traveled to nearby Rhinebeck, where Chelsea Clinton got married recently. It's a very nice little community. Among other things, it houses the Beekman Arms Inn ("The Oldest Inn In America") where the "swells" who attended the wedding stayed.

It also has a bunch of old, magnificent estates---reflecting the days of opulent wealth.

We had lunch at one of the seventeen restaurants that are located within a block of the town center. The food was good but there were some production problems that resulted in the Wheelers' meals being comped.

On Tuesday, the mobs had abandoned the park to return to real life, and it was grand. We made a field trip to New Paltz, an old town settled by the Huguenots, and the home of a number of historic stone buildings.

We went to New Paltz so the jocks could ride bikes on a rail trail there. I sat it out (because I was simply tired) at a nice nearby Italian restaurant ("La Stazione" is located next to what used to be the railroad tracks) where we eventually had lunch (Isn't retirement fun?). Our waiter ("Rocky" whose real name is Glen) was a lot of fun. Like virtually all southern California waiters, he is an actor (but based in New York City). He was a regular on "The Sopranos" and has appeared in many other shows, as well. Not surprising, he invariably plays a Mafia member.

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