Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, and Sunday, June 5, 2011: On the Way to Denver:
The first stop on the way to Denver was at Craig, Colorado, asserted to be the Elk Hunting Capital of the World. (Who would challenge that lofty status?) Craig is a larger town than I had expected. As planned, we left early for the 270-mile trip, all of it on US40, which was uneventful, thank you, and arrived before 1:00pm. On the way, we passed through Vernal, Utah, purported to be the only city of any size in Utah that was not founded by Mormons. It also is supposed to be the only city in Utah of its size that does not have a railroad running through it. Impressive distinctions, huh? We are staying at Craig Campground, which was a KOA until very recently. It's still nice. I picked up a pizza for dinner. Delicious.

On Sunday, we slept in because the next stop (Steamboat Springs) is only 40 miles away. We are staying at the Steamboat Campground, another nice former KOA.
There is a water runoff problem in the area due to the heavy snow and rain this winter. The Elk River, which is adjacent to the campground, is very high, and running very fast, and part of the campground is actually under water---as is a lot of the nearby farmland. We were assigned to a site on high ground, fortunately.
We stopped in Steamboat Springs solely to spend some time with Bette Carlson, who was my boss for several months in the HR office at Zion National Park (and who, very coincidentally, attended the same grammar school I did in River Forest, Illinois, and the same high schools I did in Oak Park, Illinois). Bette was waiting for us when we arrived. We spent the next six hours on a wonderful tour of "The Boat" and had a lovely Thai dinner at Sambi, on the main street in town. I'm glad we came.

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