Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thursday, July 5, through Monday, July 9, 2012:  Ramsey and Richard, The Temporary Bachelors:
I dropped Becky off at the Enterprise shop in Lewiston Thursday morning, and she was off to her reunion.  Becky left me a dinner list for the next five days;  I'm on my own for the rest of the meals.  After I made food stops at Wal-Mart and Albertsons (we never got to Wal-Mart on Wednesday), Ramsey and I prepared to spend the next five days in solitude, avoiding the heat.

Some of the locals apparently don't quite understand that one usually celebrates the 4th only on the 4th, and the fireworks returned at 10:00PM on both Thursday and Friday nights---the 5th and 6th.  By that time, Ramsey was inured to the noise and slept right through the din.

On Friday, I hit the Red Box at Albertsons for Safe House, a Denzel Washington CIA confusing shoot-em-up, that was marginal.

It has been hot.  Saturday, it hit 104 degrees, but clouds appeared in the early evening, and it looks like rain is in the offing as I write this.  Already the winds have returned.  They are vicious, just like when we first got here.  I had to take the flag down again.

The rain didn't come.  Sunday's temperature is expected to hit 106.  It's going to be a challenge to duck the heat for another day.  (Ramsey needs more exercise than he‘s getting, but he's been a real trouper.  We've had a nice time together.  At least I have;  Ramsey hasn't been very talkative.)

The heat has been consistent, at least.  Sunday and Monday both hit 106;  Sunday night at midnight it was 90.  But, we've survived so far.  I'm not complaining and I know we've not been singled out.  The whole country is suffering.  But, the air conditioning in our rig has been wonderful; better than I could hope for.

The repair plan for our wheel/tire problems has come together nicely.  The new wheel is due to be delivered on Tuesday (it's coming from Elkhart, Indiana, by UPS---it's in Spokane as I write this), and the alignment and tire people are expecting us Wednesday morning.  I've arranged to board Ramsey on Wednesday at a nice place just a half-mile from our RV park, so we will be free to deal with the lack of a home for several hours.

Fortunately for me, the heat prevents Ramsey from wanting to take long walks.

I have grown so tired of listening to political news all the time that I tried an experiment.  With the single exception of The O'Reilly Factor on Monday night, I haven't watched anything on TV since Becky left, except pure entertainment (mostly reruns of The Mentalist and The Big Bang Theory).  During the day, I've been listening to nothing but smooth jazz on the radio.  It's been wonderful.  We'll see how long this lasts.      

Becky, on the other hand, was having a wonderful time with three girlfriends from her San Marino youth.  A rental home was secured in McCall, Idaho, for five nights. 

She was joined by Lucy Daggett, Sara Edwards, and Faye Hooker Keller.  Becky hiked and biked with Lucy. 

She also spent several days hiking with Sara and Lucy. 

The Shore Lodge was a great resort for dining, drinking, and spa services.

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