Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, and Tuesday, August 14, 2012: Back in Canada, Briefly:

The 174-mile trip to Bornholm, Ontario, was without incident. We breezed through the Canadian immigration and customs booth, after crossing over the St. Clair River on the Blue Water toll bridge ($9.00). 

Bornholm is about 85 miles into Ontario.  We are staying at the Woodland Lake RV Resort, a nice, very rural place.  It has a very large fenced-in dog run, and Ramsey is having a ball.  It’s been several weeks since he had a chance to really run.

The weather turned sour almost immediately once we got here, and it rained all night and well into Tuesday.  There isn’t much for us to do here (we‘re not generally into the use of resort facilities) and even less when the weather is so lousy.  So we mostly relaxed. 

The town of Bornholm has one country store and little else. To fill up with diesel on Tuesday, we had to go to a real town, Mitchell, 10 miles away.

The area is mostly agricultural---corn and soy beans. The homes the farmers live in are actually quite nice, and architecturally interesting.  I’m not used to seeing that in farmhouses.

Wednesday, we head back into the states, heading to New York and Niagara Falls.

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