Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friday, February 13, through Thursday, February 19, 2015: Back In The Desert, Week 8:

Friday morning, we had the carpets cleaned by one of the companies that that circulates through the RV park.  To facilitate that work, we had to rearrange the furniture inside the rig, which was sort of a pain.  But worth it.

My Friday afternoon session at the gym with Brian went well, and I also talked with Kurt who happened to be there.  He explained that he was no longer going to work at that particular gym as he was consolidating his schedule to work at only one gym.  So, it was OK that I had already found another trainer.  I also told Brittany, the sort-of-manager I had spoken with the day before and who had taken charge of managing my situation, that Kurt had not really abandoned me the day before. She said she was happy to hear that.

Friday evening we watched Gone Girl from the redbox.  Very interesting film with a lot of twists.  Well worth watching, even though it starred Ben Affleck, the least interesting actor in Hollywood.   

Saturday, Becky rode her bike to the street fair, and I drove there, since we had to pick up the piece of artwork we had ordered a few weeks ago.  It's just what we envisioned, and I can't wait to get it to Williams to hang it in our entry hall.
I then transported it home while Becky rode her bike back.

We had originally decided to celebrate Valentine's Day (Saturday) by cooking steaks and having a nice bottle of wine at home, but fate intervened and we postponed that celebration to Sunday.  The intervening fate was a last-minute invitation to join Beverly and Bruce Nickerson at their Palm Desert home for some adult beverages prior to their dinner appointment with some people.

They had just come down for the weekend.  We went to their home and discovered it is only five blocks away from my brother's Palm Desert home (on the same street---Grapevine).  Quite a coincidence.  Bev was a neighbor and high-school classmate of Becky's.  We had a great time catching up with them, and the snacks accompanying the beverages made our planned dinner superfluous.

Sunday morning we actually went to church!  We hadn't yet spent any time this winter with our old friends Karen and Stephen Sloat.  Stephen is the Lead Pastor at the Coachella Valley Christian Church in Indio and Karen is very involved in the weekly service, so we decided to show up and see them. 

It was a nice service and a nice reunion.  We are now scheduled to have dinner with them in a couple of weeks.

Sunday evening we had our Valentine's Day meal.  Becky had picked up filets mignon and lobster tails at Stater Bros. We added a baked potato and broccolini, and the wine was a delicious ten-year old cabernet sauvignon that we had received as a gift from Barbara Coad at Christmas. 

The only low moment was when Ramsey stole one of the pieces of filet off the kitchen counter while Becky's back was turned.  It didn't really matter; we had plenty of food and Ramsey was elated.

Monday morning, we rearranged a lot of stuff inside the rig again so the carpet cleaning people could come back and properly shampoo the carpets.  (Becky thought their work a few days ago was substandard and had talked the boss into a redo.)  But, their machine broke and they didn't show up.  I received my right-ear hearing aid back from the factory.  For the second straight time, they had replaced it with a new one rather than repairing it.  That works for me. 

Monday night's movie was Fury, with Brad Pitt, from the redbox.  It was perhaps the grittiest war movie (WWII) I have ever seen. But it was very engaging, and worth the effort. 

Tuesday, we had to do the furniture rearranging all over again.  This time the carpet people showed, and did a fine job. 

After they finished, I went to the gym to have another session with Brian.  It was good.

Wednesday's excitement was having an unexpected lunch with Peter and Terry Shelton (Becky's brother and sister-in-law) who happened to be visiting in the desert for a day or so---without any prior notice.  We met them at the clubhouse at the Desert Willow Golf Resort.  It's a beautiful setting, I had a terrific Reuben sandwich, and we had a good time just chatting.

After lunch, we watched Get On Up from the redbox.  Starring Chadwick Boseman, who did a fabulous job as James Brown, the film had some confusing flashbacks but was otherwise terrific. 

Wednesday evening was Ramsey's last session with Valerie Masa.  He seems to really enjoy following orders now, and Becky has even stopped using his pinch collar on walks.  Kelsey seems to be picking up some of the training---by osmosis I guess---since she's not involved in it.

Thursday, the four of us went to Pasadena for another round of stuff-sorting at the house.  I was only slightly useful, picking up lunch, cutting up cardboard boxes for the trash, and watching the dogs a little, but my presence gave Becky the right to drive in the carpool lane both ways, which is a big advantage on that road.  Several of us had dinner at the Canoe House restaurant in South Pasadena.  It has a Hawaiian theme.  I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich. 

When we got home, we found a large box outside our door.  It was from the manufacturer of our trailer.  We hadn't ordered anything, so we had no idea what it was.  It was too late in the day to find out anything so we just left it there.  That ended this week in the desert


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