Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday, March 23, through Tuesday, March 31, 2015: Finishing Up In Pahrump:

Monday was a return to routine---walking the dogs, shopping for food, reading mail, doing crossword puzzles, playing free cell, watching Fox News, etc.  Nothing spectacular.

This park has a nice little cactus garden.  One of the plants is in bloom.  Monday night several of its flowers opened up.  Very nice.

Becky went for a hike in the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on Tuesday.  She went with Amy Kellerman, who was a co-worker at Zion National Park in 2004 and now lives in Las Vegas. 

While they were hiking and lunching, I baby sat the dogs.  It's exhausting to be alone with them; it seems they (at least Ramsey) want to go out every 15 minutes.

Wednesday morning we had breakfast at Mom's Diner, which, according to Trip Advisor, is the second best restaurant in Pahrump.  (Symphony's is number one.)  It was very good. 

After breakfast, we stopped at a drive-through car wash to get the truck clean.  On the way through the wash, we noticed two small holes in our windshield that appeared to have been made by some sort of pellet gun.  They were in an obvious area that suggested that they were brand new since we hadn't noticed them previously. 

I have no idea how they got there.  I spent some time on the phone in the afternoon talking to our insurance company and a local glass installer, to set up an appointment for a new windshield Friday morning. 

We used the breakfast leftovers in making quesadillas for dinner Wednesday night.

Thursday was a routine day again, but the redbox movie, Beyond the Lights, was anything but routine.  It was terrific.

Right on time Friday morning, Danny Hycz showed up to replace our windshield.  According to him, it turned out to be quite a project because the last time we had the windshield replaced the installer did a crappy job, making replacing it difficult.  In any event, we have a nice new windshield now.

Since Danny didn't want us to drive the truck until Saturday so the windshield-installation mastic could cure, we bicycled over to Becky's hairdresser, Cuts & Dos, for my periodic haircut in early afternoon.

Becky made me eat some eggplant with our chicken dinner.  She knows I normally hate eggplant, but she promised I would like this version.  She was right.  It was delicious.

Saturday involved a trip to Las Vegas to have lunch with Paula Browne.  We ate at Frank & Fina's Cocina for the third year in a row.  I had Tilapia Vera Cruz, which was delicious.  For the first time in history I did not have a Margarita while eating at a Mexican restaurant.  I don't know what came over me.  Of course, it was fun catching up with Paula.  She's a delight.

On the way back, we drove the 13-mile scenic drive through Red Rock Canyon, where Becky had gone hiking on Tuesday.  It's a truly beautiful area.  We stopped at the faux ghost town of Bonnie Springs Ranch just outside the official wilderness area and had an adult beverage in their funky old bar/restaurant.

Sunday morning I woke up with the beginnings of what I thought was a bronchial infection, with which I am very familiar---having had several of them over the years.  I located an urgent care facility nearby, and spent the next hour cooling my heels waiting for a doctor's attention.  Mike (actually a PA) poked and prodded and came up with the diagnosis and prescription I expected.  I'm on the road to recovery. 

Sunday night we rented Kill The Messenger again, and this time we actually watched it.  It's only a so-so movie, I think.  Jeremy Renner is not one of my favorite actors.    

Monday, we started preparing to leave Pahrump.  It's easier if all the tiny steps are spread out.  We finished the day by taking the dogs to the All Creatures Animal Hospital to get their annual rattlesnake booster shots.  Since Ramsey hates shots (Kelsey couldn't care less) Becky attempted to soften him up by giving him a sedative two hours before taking him to the doctor.  Apparently, it should have been three hours because he didn't get woozy until after we got back home.  With strength and perseverance, however, the doctor was able to give Ramsey the shot.  Watching him flop around later was quite funny.
Tuesday, we recognized two anniversaries:  The 4th anniversary (Sunday) of our having bought our current rig, and the 33rd anniversary (Monday) of my having quit smoking.  We celebrated by having lunch at Symphony's, the restaurant at The Pahrump Valley Winery.  According to Trip Advisor, Symphony's is the best restaurant in Pahrump.  Based on our experience, the rating is well-earned.  I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich, washed down with a delightful glass (OK, two glasses) of Viognier.
We spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready to leave for Hurricane, Utah, Wednesday morning.      

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