Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, through Tuesday, April 21, 2015: Possibly Our Final Week in Hurricane:

We initially thought we would stay in Hurricane for the entire month of April before moving to Williams.  The weather in Williams has been so good, though, that we have tentatively decided to head there on April 22.  Wednesday was a typical day, walking dogs and shopping at Wal-Mart.  Kelsey and Ramsey love basking in the sun!

Thursday the wind came up and helped turn the weather very cold.  We splurged on breakfast at The Main Street Café, purported to be one of the best restaurants in Hurricane.  This was our first time there.  It's a tiny place where you order at a counter.  The food was terrific, though. 

A couple of proposed long dog walks turned into much shorter ones as the result of the cold and windy weather.  During one of the walks Becky took with Ramsey and Kelsey, I drove to Wal-Mart for some goodies and saw the three of them shivering down the sidewalk while I was on the way back.  Being a good husband and father, I offered to pick them up.  All three of them quickly accepted the invitation.

The rest of the day was spent (by me) reading (I started "I" Is For Innocent by Sue Grafton)

and (by Becky) packing and otherwise preparing to drive to southern California on Friday for a weekend of socializing with former co-workers at a reunion and meeting with her siblings on matters relating to their parents' trust.  Friday morning, we dropped off the dogs early at The Animal Tender Pet Resort in St. George,

then stopped at Enterprise Rent-A-Car where Becky picked up her rental car and headed off on her adventure.  I returned to The Main Street Café for a repeat of yesterday's breakfast.  (A Yogurt/Granola parfait.)  Just yummy. 

I returned home and watched a number of Frasier reruns.  They were consistently funny, as usual.  And I read, and did a few crossword puzzles, and played a few games of Free Cell on my laptop. 

Saturday I returned to the Main Street Café for a third shot at its delicious Yogurt/Granola parfait, then returned home to finish the Sue Grafton novel and to top off the trailer tires.  I then started reading Murder In The First by Dan Gordon. 

At 4:45, Becky called and I joined in on the trustees' meeting---for the next two hours.

First thing Sunday morning I finished Murder In The First, then made scrambled eggs for my breakfast.  (The Main Street Café, like most restaurants in Hurricane, is closed on Sunday.)  I puttered around until it came time for me to meet Becky at The Animal Tender Pet Resort to pick up the dogs,

then pick up dinner at Panda Express, then return her rental car, then head back to Hurricane.  Becky was exhausted, so after dinner and a little TV we crashed. 

Monday morning, we loaded the dogs into the truck and the four of us headed for Zion National Park.  We had a bootleg red pass to drive up the canyon, so we parked at the lodge.  Becky laid some of her father's ashes at the base of the beautiful Fremont cottonwood tree in front of the lodge. 

We then had lunch (a pulled pork sandwich for me) and mingled in the gift shop where we said hello to a few former co-workers who are still there, and---amazing---we ran into Jack and Gail Parr, who were on our Normandy-to-Paris river cruise last August.  They were at Zion on a bus tour of nine states in eleven days.  It was fun seeing them again.

Just before going to Zion, I heard from Dr. Robin Berger, our dermatologist, that the thing she had cut out of my scalp the previous week had been reported to be not quite as benign as she had thought, and needed further evaluation after we get to Flagstaff on Wednesday.  (That made it certain that we would leave Hurricane early.)

After returning from Zion, we made a trip to Costco to load up since Williams is more than an hour away from the nearest Costco.  We then had dinner and crashed.


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