Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 13, through Friday, June 19, 2015: More of the Same:

Saturday came with a clear blue, warm sky.  Just lovely.  We had turned on our drip system on Friday afternoon and Becky did a thorough inspection this morning to see if it worked today---its first day.  Apparently, everything was just fine.  She then took the dogs for a long walk while I prepared some documents relating to her dad's trust.  In mid-afternoon, the sky darkened suddenly and we had a brief thunderstorm. 

Ramsey gets really spooked by thunder and we had to comfort him.  Kelsey couldn't care less.

My throat is hurting more than ever now, and I have decided that the radiation simply burned it to some extent.  It's hard to swallow, and if I blow my nose the forced contraction of my throat (which I never realized before was a part of the process) hurts more than anything else.  In sympathy, Becky authorized (encouraged?) me to have a Blizzard from the local Dairy Queen for dinner. 

It was delicious but somehow unsatisfying.  Our redbox movie on Saturday was The Duff, a predictable, silly, high school film that was actually moderately enjoyable.  Except for that, I was so miserable Saturday night that I did not even have a glass of wine, passed on a dip in our spa, and barely slept.  My throat felt slightly better Sunday morning, but my voice was virtually non-existent.  Our Sunday afternoon redbox movie was Black Sea with Jude Law, who did a great job in a tough film.   

I had another rough night on Sunday and decided I would not have any more radiation treatments until my throat was back to normal and the doctors convinced me there would not be a repeat of the trauma.  That latter condition might be impossible for them, but we'll see.  I called the radiation people and left a message to the foregoing effect.  As yet, I haven't heard back from them. 

I spent about an hour on the phone with a couple of people involved with Bill Shelton's finances to agree on a process to free up two of his accounts, and I started preparing the necessary documents.  This stuff is far more complicated than it should be.  We went to Flagstaff mid-afternoon on Monday to order a new spa cover from Summit Spas. 

The old one has faded a lot, is very heavy from absorbed moisture,  and is covered with scars from falling pine cones and sap from the overhanging trees. 

To celebrate ordering the new cover, we picked up dinner from Panda Express, which was delicious as usual, and we hopped in the spa for a nice soak.  (We'll celebrate just about anything.)

Tuesday was an ordinary day, a little of this and a little of that, and I finally heard from my doctor's office that we needed to talk!  We went to see him on Wednesday, and he announced that my throat problem was a yeast infection.  (No jokes, girls!)  He gave me a prescription for a medicine that he said would take care of it in one day, and ordered me to start back on the radiation treatments immediately---which I did, ten minutes later. 

His medical explanation was that the radiation changes the pH balance in my throat and that's what caused the yeast infection;  i.e., it's not a burn from the radiation.  The burn is a real possibility, but it will come later and he will deal with that when it happens.  Oh, goodie!  I'm OK with re-starting the treatments, and I look forward to being through with them in mid-July.  We had Tony Roma's ribs for dinner (via Safeway) and they were delicious.

I woke up Thursday morning with my throat already starting to feel better.  Yea!  We muddled through Thursday without incident and on Friday I started to put new baseboards in our closet.  For some reason the prior owners took out all but one of the old ones.  It was weird.  The closet has some "different" angles to the walls, so installing the new baseboards will require making 22 1/2 degree cuts and I don't yet know how I'm going to do that with my $10 miter box that makes only 90 and 45 degree cuts.  I'll figure something out. 

I usually refrain from commenting on current events in this diary, because I don't want to engage in socio/political dialogue here, but I'm particularly troubled by the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, last evening.  When we went east in 2010, we spent several weeks in South Carolina.  I was particularly impressed that, among the several southern states we visited, South Carolina seemed to have attained a very comfortable working relationship between the races.  We even had occasion to use the services of a black dentist, who was quite professional and whose office personal, only most of whom were black, treated us in a completely color-blind manner.  I remember thinking as we left for other destinations that South Carolina had it figured out.  Maybe the loon who shot up the church last night is an aberration.  I hope so.

Our Friday night redbox movie was McFarland, USA, a feel-good Disney film with Kevin Costner that was quite entertaining.  The week thus ended on a high note.  

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