Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saturday, July 23, through Tuesday, August 2, 2016: A Pretty Typical Eleven Days:

Becky's big project on Saturday was  maintaining the hot tub, including cleaning the filters and testing a number of chemicals to try to get rid of a haze in the water.  On Sunday, she took the dogs for a long hike at Kaibab Lake. 

Then she went to the Petco in Flagstaff to get some dog food.  During the afternoon walk in the neighborhood, Ramsey ran out of gas and I had to go pick him up.  Monday's big walk was around the golf course perimeter.

We decided to order a wig to cover my surgery scars.  We'll pick it up on Friday in Phoenix.  I went to the local clinic on Monday to get my second pneumonia shot.  Also on Monday, we started watching Ray Donovan, a Netflix series starring Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight.  It's very tough, but very watchable.  I'm sure we'll get more of the discs.

Tuesday afternoon, Mike, a repairman with Appliance Repair Today in Flagstaff, showed up to fix the "in-the-door" functions on our refrigerator.  Ever since we've been here, the system would not deliver ice cubes---just water and crushed ice.  A couple of weeks ago, it stopped delivering anything.  I decided it was time to get it fixed.  It turned out to be just two broken wires at the bottom of the door.  Mike fixed everything---quickly and efficiently.

That evening, we watched Eddie The Eagle from the redbox, a British film about a first-time Olympic ski jumper.  Rather entertaining.
Wednesday, we went to Flagstaff for an appointment with Dr. Mathern.  I hadn't been feeling as well lately as I had immediately after my blood transfusion.  He checked my blood work and said the numbers relating to anemia had gone up, meaning he thought I had not suffered a relapse of that problem---and speculated that I was dehydrated.  Becky immediately started pumping water into me---a favorite thing of hers. I don't know if it will help, but it will give her pleasure.
The Thursday Netflix film was Three Days Of The Condor, an old Robert Redford vehicle.  I thought I had seen it, but nothing looked familiar.  It was pretty good.

Early Friday morning we dropped off the dogs at the Cinder Hills Kennel and headed for Classy Sisters Wigs in Phoenix to pick up my wig---we named it Charlie.  It was quite an odd experience having it fitted.  I look like Jimmy Johnson, the former Dallas Cowboys coach.

We spent Friday night at the Comfort Inn in Camp Verde.  We had quite some rain on the way.  Dinner was takeout from the Carl's Jr., next door.
We picked up the dogs Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.  We watched more of The Americans that evening.  It's still amazing.

On Sunday Becky took the dogs to the Santa Fe Dam area outside Williams for their long walk of the day. 

She exhausted them. so they didn't interfere with our watching more of The Americans  in the afternoon and Clear And Present Danger in the evening.  Harrison Ford was terrific as Jack Ryan, as usual.
Monday we went to Flagstaff for an appointment with Dr. Cohen, my cardiologist. 

I told him about my various complaints involving what I thought was a potential relapse of my anemia.  He had his own ides and ordered a bunch of heart-related tests.  We'll see.
Becky's bruising not having completely healed yet, in the afternoon she dragged out her giant sunglasses to cover at least her eye.  The bruise on her jaw is still visible, but not too much.  Her big hat sort of covers it up.

Tuesday morning I had my regular massage with Natanya.  She noticed the rash I had had for about a week (that I had revealed to Becky earlier in the day) and suggested a stop at the clinic, with which Becky heartily agreed.  Becky dropped me off there, and they took me immediately---which surprised me.  The doctor wasn't sure what it was----perhaps an allergic reaction to something---and suggested making a future appointment for a date as soon after we returned from Park City, and taking Zrtec in the meantime to test her allergy theory.
The rest of the day was sent packing for the trip.               

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