Monday, October 17, 2016

Thursday, October 6, through Monday, October 17: One Day at a Time

Ramsey's back legs have not been working properly.  He has had some difficulty jumping into the truck.  So, Becky took nine-year old Ramsey to the Williams Veterinary Clinic for a check-up.  Ramsey had to be sedated in order to be fully evaluated.  Dr. Jacoby took x-rays.

After evaluating Ramsey, Dr. Jacoby saw no evidence of deterioration in his spine, hips and legs.  He suggested that Ramsey be given some pain medicine for a week --- like a Tylenol product for dogs.  Done!

Friday was the day that Ray and his crew began trimming the Ponderosa pines on Becky's property.  They began with the trees near the house.  Then, on Saturday, worked on the other trees.  It was amazing watching their talent.  Climbing the trees --- going up 100 feet or so!

Ray suggested that one tree be taken out.  It had shared a root system with another tree that had been cut off at the base some years ago.  The root system was jeopardized and the tree might fall.  Don't need that!

Becky knew it was time to create a program for Richard's Celebration of Life.  She reached out to her former colleague, Linda Horowitz.  Linda had created a program for her mother's memorial service.  Linda is a marketing genius.  She did her mother's program from scratch!  Becky was not that talented.  So, she went on the internet, and found a Funeral/Memorial template for $19.99 --- nice!  Over the weekend, she worked on the program --- getting help from Donna and Rick.  Donna suggested better photos.  Thanks, Donna!

Sunday morning, it was evident that Libby was not feeling well.  She was throwing up and had diarrhea.  What is with these dogs?!?  Becky decided to call Canyon Pet Hospital in Flagstaff and get an appointment.  The earliest they could take her was 4:00pm.  So, Ramsey and Kelsey enjoyed walks with Becky while Libby rested.

So, at 3:00pm, Becky loaded Libby in the truck and they headed off to Flagstaff.  Unfortunately, Canyon Pet Hospital had had some emergencies and they were backed up.  So, Libby just hung out.

Becky and Libby met with Dr. Amstutz.  It was recommended that blood work and tests be administered.  An hour later, the veterinarian said that Libby had pancreatitis. This is a very painful disorder that can be treated, but she recommended that Libby be hospitalized.  She needed fluids and careful attention.  Can you say "cha ching, cha ching?"  Becky signed an authorization with estimated costs from $850.00 to over $1,200.00.  But, hey, what can you do?

Libby was in the hospital for two nights.  Canyon Pet Hospital was very diligent about calling and providing updates.

Becky had a wonderful pedicure with Corey in Williams.  Corey and her husband have been planning to move to St. John's in the Caribbean.  Their house finally sold, and a woman has purchased Corey's manicure and pedicure business.  Bon Voyage!

The rest of the week, Becky worked on "Richard" matters --- cancelling credit cards, taking Richard's name off of subscriptions and memberships, etc.

Thursday morning, Becky walked the dogs and then she decided to drive 60+ miles down to the Costco in Prescott.  Becky found out that because Richard was the primary account holder on their Costco VISA card, that the account would have to be closed.  Costco customer service said that the best alternative for Becky was to go to a Costco Warehouse and apply for her own card.  Done!

Kelsey had her monthly anal gland procedure done at the Williams Veterinary Clinic.  While in the reception, one of Becky's Thousand Trails and Pickleball colleagues entered the office --- Joe Clark!  Joe and his wife Barb are in Williams for a week or so.  Joe sells advertising space for various RV Parks.  They are staying at the Circle Pines KOA.  Small world!

Becky gave Joe her personal business card and invited the two of them to come to her home over the weekend and enjoy an adult beverage or two.

It was now time to begin the process of creating photo poster boards for Richard's Celebration of Life.  Becky decided on nine themes --- The Early Years, UCLA, Family, Friends, Travel, Christmas Cards, A 30+ Year Love Story, Activities & Fun, and Being Himself.  She had purchased 20 poster boards in Flagstaff and it looks like all will be used!

Saturday was a good mail day.  Transamerica sent Becky the $5,700+ trip insurance claim check for the cancelled France cruise. Yeah!  That will help pay for Richard's Celebration of Life event at San Gabriel Country Club on Saturday, October 29.

Becky found out that Richard's brother, Bob, had surgery on a disc in his back.  She knew that he and Elise were trying to get this scheduled.  Unfortunately, it is not healing properly and further surgery is scheduled.  Bob has been in the hospital for almost a week.  Darn!

Barb and Joe Clark called Becky.  They are coming over to Becky's home on Sunday.  Joe is allergic to dogs, so a patio get together it is!  Earlier in the day, Becky vacuumed and cleaned the marble floors.  She even took all the dog beds and crates and cleaned them!

Photo boards project completed!  There are 16 of them.  They will be great at the Celebration of Life.

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