Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saturday, January 14, to Wednesday, January 25: Weather Permitted

It is winter time. So, Becky often looks at The Weather Channel application.  She and the dogs want to head back to Southern California later in the week.  She may have to leave Williams earlier than planned.

So far, so good.  The weather has been too warm for snow.

Time for Becky's annual mammogram.  There is a mobile mammogram service in Arizona.  They were in Williams on Monday, January 16.  She had an eleven o'clock appointment.  She was out 15 minutes later.  Very nice! --- not the mammogram, but the efficiency of service.

Uh-oh, big storm coming to Northern Arizona.  It is estimated that 2 feet of snow will fall, beginning Thursday, January 19.  Becky decided that it was time for her get out of Williams early.  She made the decision on Wednesday, February 18.  She had already begun loading the trailer several days ago.  Becky went to Superior Propane to fill one of her canisters.

She kept her facial appointment in Flagstaff with Sue Kelly, but hurried back to finalize the packing.  It was a beautiful day.  Hard to believe snow will be arriving early the next morning!

Becky and the dogs headed out to Kingman, Arizona at 4:15pm.  It was a late start, but an easy 2 hour drive.  She and Richard have stayed many times at Fort Beale RV Park.  It has large, long pull-thru sites.  Funny.  She accidently booked two nights at Fort Stockton RV Park.  She saw the Texas location on her phone, but did not realize the error until she showed up at Fort Beale RV Park.  The office was closed, but there was a note on the door suggesting seven pull-thru sites available.  Becky selected site #36.  It was almost dark at 6:15pm.  She called Fort Stockton RV Park (located on Interstate 70 in the middle of Texas!) and cancelled her reservation there.

Thursday, snuggled in the trailer, Becky saw The Weather Channel report for Williams.  It was raining in Kingman, but at least not snow!

Ft Beale RV Park is very close to the historic old town Kingman.  It rained most of Friday.  But, Becky and the dogs caught some walks in the park and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Saturday morning, it was time to pack up and head to Parker, Arizona for three nights.  Since it was a trip of just 115 miles, and it was not raining that morning, Becky decided to take the dogs on a walk toward old town Kingman.  She loves to pose the dogs in front of the Route 66 sign!

Rain was expected to start again in the afternoon.  So, Becky wanted to get to Emerald Cove RV Resort, outside of Parker, before it started.  Emerald Cove is a beautiful location on the Colorado River.  It is an RV resort with over 1,000 sites!

On Sunday, Becky decided that she and the dogs needed to do something "touristy."  So, off to Lake Havasu City to visit the original London Bridge.  There is a byway highway route that goes over Parker Dam.  It is a few miles longer, but Becky was ready for a change.  Parker Dam is an older dam and is prohibited to be driven over by commercial trucks, RVs and vehicles towing trailers.

A unique item, on the west side of the Colorado, are the wild burros.  There are signs all over stating to not feed or harass the burros.  Becky and the dogs saw about a dozen burros on this trip, but only one was caught on camera.

Lake Havasu City was getting some rain, but mostly a light drizzle.  There is a lovely park just south of the London Bridge called The Bridgewater Channel.  Becky parked the truck, and she and the dogs walked up to the bridge.  Even though the weather was not ideal, Becky posted this photo of the dogs and the bridge on Facebook: "Great news! London Bridge is not falling down."

The price of diesel in Lake Havasu City is about 30 cents less than Parker.  So, Becky stopped at Terribles Gas station to fill up the truck.  Next stop is California and no deals on diesel or gas there!  Unfortunately, Becky locked her car keys in the truck at Terribles.  Her phone was also in the truck.  She went into see the cashier and asked if she could use his phone to call OnStar.  A lovely woman, probably in her mid to late 70s, said Becky could use her cell phone.  Thank you, Marilyn!  OnStar did the trick.

Monday morning, Becky and the dogs left Emerald Cove for Palm Springs Thousand Trails RV Park in Palm Desert.  It was another easy drive --- 2 1/2 hours, but picked up hour entering California.  Becky arrived to the park just before 10:00am.  Off duty Ranger Linda, also a friend, was there at the gate when Becky and the dogs arrived.  She had scoped available vacant sites --- and site #9 became the Ebbert site!  Once again, thank you, Linda!

Monday afternoon, Becky went to a Union Bank office in La Quinta to activate her new debit card.  Several doors down from the bank was a Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Vu.  Becky and Richard went there once --- with former Thousand Trails members and RVers Faye and Ken Eubanks.  Becky fell in love with a shrimp and apple salad on their menu.  Take-out dinner at Pho Vu it was!

Tuesday morning, Becky played pickleball.  It was pickleball day #8 --- since her 21 month hiatus from the sport!  After playing, Becky looked at her phone and saw that she missed a call and had a voicemail message from sister-in-law, Elise Ebbert.  Richard's older brother, Bob, had been hospitalized, and critically ill, since the middle of October.  Without listening to the voicemail, Becky called Elise.  The worst news was a reality.  Bob passed away that morning.  He was 81.  God bless, Bob.  He and his brother, Richard, are together again.  The last time Becky saw Bob was in late August, when he flew from Los Angeles to Flagstaff to visit and say good-bye to his brother.  Richard died early the next morning.

On the last walk of the day, something agitated the dogs.  Suddenly, Kelsey and Libby were in a full fledge dog fight.  Here Becky was --- two hands, three leaches, and two dogs at one another!  A very kind neighbor flew out of her motorhome, and asked if she could help.  Becky had already tied up Ramsey and Kelsey to a post.  She had Libby, and Kelsey was still lurching to continue the dog fight.  The nice woman, Catherine, took Libby's leash, and they walked the dogs back to the trailer.  Becky left Libby outside.  She tied up Kelsey and notice some blood.  A flap on her ear was bleeding.  Once Becky got her cleaned up, she brought in Libby.  It was then that Becky noticed that Libby's front left leg had puncture wounds.

Becky left Ramsey and Kelsey in the trailer, and she and Libby headed over to VCA Valley Animal Medical Center & Emergency Hospital.  Becky had used this facility three or four years ago for Ramsey. 

It was just past 6:00pm, and the evening veterinarian was just clocking in.  The vet technician, Lyndon, came out to greet Libby and evaluate her wounds.  While she had wounds, nothing was life threatening.  Libby was put into the queue, and a room was assigned.  After about a half hour, Becky asked the receptionist about the delay in seeing the doctor.  The vet was involved in an emergency situation which takes precedent.  Libby finally saw the vet, a cost estimate was shared and approved, and Libby was taken to the back.  This allowed Becky to head back to the trailer and check in on the status of Ramsey and Kelsey.  Libby wasn't discharged until 11:30.  Becky is going to have to keep Libby separated from the other two dogs for two weeks!

Wednesday was a fun day.  Becky had planned and unplanned visitors!  Bill and Pat Wheeler, and Claudette and Larry Van Dusen, drove over the mountains from Aguanga (east of Temecula).  It was the good old Highway 74, Palms to Pines Highway.  Their carload arrived at noon.  The surprise was also a visit from Pam and Walt Macqueston.

After some time getting acquainted with Becky's new trailer, the two carloads headed to La Quinta and Fisherman's Market and Grille.  It was a very nice lunch, indeed!

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