Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thursday, March 30, to Monday, April 10: Taking Care of Herself and Off to the Desert

Becky had a wonderful 90 minute massage with Natanya at her place in Williams --- God's Gift of Healing Hands. The last time Becky saw her was in November. Natanya told Becky that she had made significant progress in the healing process since then. Becky felt it too.

The next day, Becky made an appointment to have a pedicure at the new Vietnamese 66 Nails and Spa. Her attendant was Henry. He did an adequate job and Becky took advantage of the grand opening 30% off. But, Henry does not comprehend or speak much English. Sometimes location, location, location is more important!

Earlier in the week, Becky's next door neighbor, Jim, invited Becky to go to the local Grand Canyon Brewery on Friday night. He called Becky a day or two later to advice her that he had a longtime girlfriend who lives in California and he did not want to feel like he was stepping out on her. Becky told Jim no problem and they would pay dutch. What was funny is that Becky never even imagined Jim as her type. It was just nice to be an adult and go out for dinner and some adult beverages.

Becky read in the local paper that the small town of Ash Fork was hosting a series of Saturday afternoon events at their little museum. The program on April 1st was Mary Jane Coulter. Becky loves this lady. She was the architect for the Fred Harvey Company and was responsible for La Posada in Winslow, Hopi House and Bright Angel Lodge at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon.  What Becky did not know is that it was not just a program, it was a 90 minute play --- almost a one woman show entitled "A Woman By Design." It captivated Becky. The actress was exceptional! What I find!

Sunday was spent getting the travel trailer ready for the next day's road trip. Refrigerator was loaded, Becky's clothes were hung up, dogs' food and toys were set-up, etc. Becky even connected the trailer to the truck for any early departure.

But, Monday morning, it was evident that Ramsey was very sick. On Saturday, he got ahold of a plastic zip lock bag with his Rimadyl chewable prescription medication. Becky only noticed the torn up bag on Sunday.  She called her local vet who said he that on overdose like this might be deadly. So, Becky called Canyon Pet Hospital and secured an appointment. Fortunately, they were not terribly busy! She unhooked the trailer and drove Ramsey to Flagstaff.

The good news is the blood work showed that one kidney was elevated and one kidney was below normal. The veterinarian sent Becky and Ramsey home with four different medications. It was expected that Ramsey would feel better in a day or two. He also had to be placed on a bland diet. Becky was back in Williams by 11:00 am and left for Emerald Cove RV Resort near Parker, Arizona by 1:00pm. Back on track!

Becky arrived at the RV resort on the Colorado River around 5:00 pm. It is a very nice park. The attendant selected a nice pull through site for her and the dogs. The Colorado River can be seen through the front window of the large slide.

The next morning, Becky took the dogs to one of the dog parks at the resort that has beach access. Dalmatians are not known for swimming, but Libby did put her paws/feet in the water. Ramsey could care less.

That afternoon, Becky ran some errands in the town of Parker. She bought some new cable for the DirecTV satellite dish. She wasn't able to get DirectTV at her site, even though there were no obstacles preventing reception. One end of the cable looked frayed. She also bought a new water hose. One of the hoses had some sort of blockage.

The next morning, before heading to Palm Desert, Becky walked the dogs around the perimeter of the RV park. Not surprising, they ran into one of the wild burros that roam the area.

It was an easy 150 drive from Parker to Palm Desert. Becky texted her friend, Ranger Linda, when she was ten minutes from the park gate. Linda is always so helpful in helping Becky get a suitable site for her travel trailer. Thousand Trails is always first come, first serve, but the season is slowing down and there were many sites available. Becky decided to be closer to the pool and family lodge this time. Thank you, Linda!

At site 113, Becky was having difficulty getting DirecTV reception. Her neighbor mentioned that she should probably put the dish behind her trailer. It worked! DirecTV came in loud and clear.

Becky's friends, Salli and Carl Middleton, live in Seattle but rent a place in Bermuda Dunes for the entire month of April each year. On Thursday morning, Becky was invited to drop by and visit. She has known Salli and Carl since her first year at UCSB --- 1970! Salli was in the same female dorm and they both pledged Delta Gamma. Carl was one of Salli's brother's best friends at USC. Salli and Carl began to date and they married in 1973. Becky was one of the bridesmaids.

Friday morning, Becky tasked herself to drop off 17 of Richard's pants to the Angel View charity in Sun City. It was not without incident. Becky was trying to adjust her truck's position in a parking spot in front of the thrift store drop off. Unfortunately, a fellow named Steve in a black Ford Fiesta, was trying to drive behind the truck. Becky's bumper hit his car. Insurance and contact numbers were exchanged. There was no damage to Becky's truck.

Barbara Coad and friend Judy Wenker arrived Friday afternoon. Several months ago, they rented one of the Palm Springs Thousand Trails cabins for two nights. The cabin they reserved was brand new --- two bedrooms with all of the amenities. Becky joined them for adult beverages and then they drove to Le Donne Cucina Italiano for their 6:45 pm reservations. This was the same restaurant where Becky and Barbara celebrated the new year on December 31. Obviously, it made an impression.

Saturday morning was the College of the Desert Street Fair in Palm Desert. Barbara, Judy, and Becky decided to head over there and stroll up and down the rows of vendors. Becky and Barbara bought wide rim Scala hats and Becky and Judy bought cute house rugs.

Lunch was Mexican food at a local Palm Desert Highway 111 restaurant called Casuelas. Judy had been there before, but it was a first for Barbara and Becky. The food was very tasty!

Returning back to the RV Resort, Becky walked the dogs and took a one hour nap. She had a casual high school reunion that night and needed some rest. The high school reunion was hosted by Rob Ukropina. It was a reunion of three classes from San Marino - '70, ''71, and '72. Rob and his wife Joyce own a 2nd home in La Quinta at PGA West.

The reunion was nicely done. Rob and Joyce's home is gorgeous. Many of the attendees were not people that Becky knew well, but she fit in well.

It was great seeing Bev Blize Nickerson. Becky's sister Wendy was supposed to come, but she woke up to an eye blood vessel breakage.

Becky spent Sunday morning with Judy and Barbara. Their two bedroom cabin was really cute. They left Palm Desert at check-out time, 11:00 am.

Becky had a fun day playing pickleball Monday morning with some of the ol' gang --- Larry Parks, Jim Portzer, and Travis.

Monday concluded with dinner at Mario's with Karen and Stephen Sloat. When Richard was alive, it was a ritual to dine with the two of them. Karen was Richard's former secretary at his Century City law firm in the 1980s. She later went to law school and has been practicing for twenty years. She was recently inducted as the president of the Coachella Valley Bar Association.

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