Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15, through Wednesday, April 20, 2011: At Morgan Hill:
The 165 mile trip from Yosemite Lakes to the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails preserve was uneventful. I haven't been through the Pacheco Pass for many years, and it remains a beautiful drive. The only downside was that we started two hours later than planned because of another glitch in our new rig. The stabilizing system wouldn't retract, meaning we couldn't leave. After three phone calls to the manufacturer, we solved the problem by adding hydraulic fluid---something which, according to the manufacturer, should have been done by the dealer. Again, there was a slight defect in the "incredibly thorough" pre-delivery inspection.

The Morgan Hill preserve is a good size (66 acres) and appears to be very nice, and the weather is certainly better than what it was at Yosemite Lakes. And our cell phones, computer, and satellite dish all work. Yea! We will definitely stay here more than two days.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Pinky and Don Eastman at the Black Bear Diner in nearby Gilroy. The Eastmans drove up from their home in Pebble Beach. We hadn't seen them in a couple of years.

It was fun, and the food was excellent. Tuesday was a short trip up to Los Gatos, an adorable city we have liked for some years. We just wandered (with the dogs, of course) through the adorable downtown area. It's a dog-friendly place, and many stores leave bowls of water outside their doors for the passing canines. Very nice.

On Wednesday, we drove to Salinas to have a delightful lunch with Barbara Penna (an old friend of Becky's from her days in Germany 35 years ago) and her husband, Michael. I had never met them before. They were delightful. Michael is involved in distributing a product that makes artificial snow---for a variety of decorative and other uses. It's quite remarkable stuff.

Wednesday evening it started raining---and continued all night. We picked up "The King's Speech" at the local Red Box and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again. We are scheduled to leave Morgan Hill on Thursday, heading to Pacifica. I hope the rain does not make for a lousy trip.

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