Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thursday, April 7, through Sunday, April 10, 2011: At Soledad Canyon:
The first order of business was to attack the leveling instructions to get the leveling system working properly. It quickly became apparent that the instructions were incorrect. I went online to the company (Lippert Components) that made the system, and found the proper instructions. The ones we had been given were for a system with a different keypad. I printed out the correct instructions and, within seconds, had the system working the way it had been advertised. I left a phone message for the dealer, suggesting that they could find the correct instructions on the Lippert website.

The second order of business was, of course, to hit the Costco in Santa Clarita to reload.

On Friday, Becky headed into Los Angeles to run some errands and to have a session with her chiropractor, Mark Adachi. She took Ramsey with her, so Daisy and I had a restful day by ourselves.

On Saturday morning, we boarded the dogs at the nearby kennel we had used previously, and headed for La Canada to have a very nice lunch (at Taylor's, of course) with my former law partner, Marshall Rutter, and his wife, Terry Knowles.

Marshall has left our former firm (in Century City) and set up shop by himself in Pasadena, where he has lived for many years. Curiously, the firm continues to us his name and that of Frank Hobbs, who left two years ago, over the objections of both of them. I think there's an ethical issue there, but it's not my problem. Their exciting news is that Terry is now the President of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, where she has been the Executive Director for several years. Marshall was one of the founders of the chorale in 1965. (To complete the family connection with music, Marshall's daughter, Deborah, is the Executive Director of the Chicago Symphony.) It had been some time since we had seen the Rutters, and it was fun catching up with them.

We then checked into the Jonathan Club in downtown LA to take a brief nap, then returned to Pasadena to pick up Becky's dad, Bill, and headed for dinner at Tamayo, a favorite Mexican Restaurant in East Los Angeles.

They make terrific guacamole there, right at your table.

We got stuck in horrible traffic on what is again called the Arroyo Seco Parkway (for many years it was called the Pasadena Freeway, but it was originally known as the Arroyo Seco Parkway in 1941, and has now been renamed as such) due to a traffic accident. Being as old as it is, the parkway has no shoulder, so any interruption causes a near-complete blockage. We got to Tamayo finally, and enjoyed a delicious meal and some wonderful margaritas.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the Jonathan Club and headed back to Soledad Canyon to go to the Shambala wild animal preserve, run by the former actress Tippi Hedren. There are 58 "big cats" there for lifetime care. Since they are nocturnal animals, most of them paid no attention to the 81 visitors, instead sleeping the day away. Frankly, it was a bit of a disappointment but I'm glad we went.

We picked up Daisy and Ramsey at 4:00pm and settled in for the night, getting ready to leave for our next stop Monday morning.

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