Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturday, May 23,through Friday, May 29, 2015: It's Still Not Much Like Spring:

Saturday was cold and wet, which has become the norm this spring.  Fortunately, though, the rain did not start until a few minutes after the Memorial Day Parade in Williams was over. 

This town is so cute, with its occasional parades down the old Route 66 and its nightly (fake) cowboy shootouts in the middle of town.

Since it's Memorial Day Weekend, we mostly laid low, doing a little puttering with small projects, walking the dogs, and watching our favorite TV shows.  The redbox movie on Monday was Selma, which was better than I thought it would be.  The star, David Oyelowo, did a very good job, but I thought he sounded more like Jesse Jackson than Dr. King.

Tuesday was another cold and blustery day, but I was at least able to paint the seats on two chairs to match the piece they accompany.  The chairs came from Becky's dad's house; the piece came from Goodwill.

Tuesday night we had another House of Cards binge.  We've now finished last season and eagerly await the current one---which will be available to us non-Netflixers in July.  Wednesday was a day for errands in Flagstaff, the "highlight" of which was my first radiation session.  The session took a long time due to the need for last-minute adjustments, but the actual radiation was very brief and uneventful, although it was weird having my mask on for a half hour.

Thursday was a great day all around.  Lynn from Goodman Electric showed up to install a traclight in our bedroom.  It turned out to be a bigger job than I anticipated for a number of reasons, but Lynn was a champ and did a great job. 

On the way out, I had him take down our chandelier so I can add some chain (and of course rewire the whole thing at the same time) so we can hang the light over the center of the dining room table.

And I had my second radiation session in the early afternoon.  And we had Panda Express for dinner.  Always a big yum for that.

Friday involved another trip to Flagstaff for radiation, of course, but we joined that with a stop at Kohl's for some new sheets, and lunch at Chipotle. 

Back in Williams, we stopped at Colors Of The West to buy a metal sculpture we've been thinking about for some time.  The rest of the day was pretty ordinary, involving a little puttering.

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