Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday, May 9, through Friday, May 15, 2015: Another Week in Williams:

Saturday started with a slight blanket of snow on the ground.  It was pretty, but it was gone within an hour. 

On the first walk of the day with the dogs, Becky noticed a yard sale a couple of blocks away.  We dropped by to see if anything caught our eye.  We walked out with a set of TV trays, for no known reason.

We then attacked a project involving solar-driven walkway lights for our back yard.  We installed one set (of three lights) and decided to install the second set later, after we have seen what the first set looks like after dark.  We also rehabilitated a couple of older solar-driven walkway lights that had fallen into disuse.  That night, they all looked pretty good.  We're debating whether to return the second set of new lights.

Sunday was mostly a day of rest, and of celebrating Mothers' Day.  A few projects here and there got attention.  I had a long phone chat with my brother Sunday night.  I brought him up to speed on my melanoma issues.  Monday was clear and bright. We met with Dr. Peter Mathern late Monday afternoon. 

He’s now the primary melanoma doctor on the case.  The conclusion was that I need a PET scan to determine whether the cancer has spread anywhere else in my wonderful body besides the upper lymph nodes on the left side of my neck.  That should take place this week.  If there is no other spread, as is supposed, we will likely start an Interferon regimen for the next year to (it is hoped) prevent a recurrence of the cancer.  We may also do a bit of radiation therapy on my neck if Dr. Andrew David, the one who did my prostate cancer radiation in 2013, so advises.  The bottom line is that, for now, everything looks good and the prognosis is very positive.

We celebrated by picking up a typically yummy dinner at Panda Express.

Tuesday, I finished You're Only As Good As Your Next One.  It's an interesting description of the intricacies of both the business and creative sides of movie-making, from the perspective of the author (Mike Medavoy) who has spent four decades in Hollywood as an agent, producer, and executive.

I also started making contact with some contractors, since we have decided it's time to start a few minor upgrades around here.  And I erected some shelves in the garage to help with the clutter.  It's amazing how much stuff we still haven't dealt with.   

On Wednesday, the main projects were to meet with an electrician (Rick Rice of Goodman Electric) about adding some lighting to our master bedroom and to transfer some stuff from the garage to the RV barn.  We're making slow progress on getting the garage shaped up.

We also met with Troy Mortenson, the landscaper, to investigate why Becky has to add so much water to the waterfall every morning.  It seems the problem is that she is overfilling the waterfall and the excess is just running off into the surrounding area.  Oops!

We had planned to have ribs for dinner, but the cooking instructions looked too complicated so I was dispatched to the Pizza  Factory instead.  So tasty.  And no dishes to wash.

Thursday was a day of miscellaneous chores for me.  Becky attacked the rib project, and we had them for dinner.  They turned out to be excellent.  The redbox movie was Still Alice, which was good but a little creepy---perhaps a little too close to home for comfort.  (I have "senior moments" occasionally, of course, as does everyone else I know who is near or past my age.) 

It was very cold and quite windy all day Thursday and even windier Thursday night.  Our satellite reception was spotty overnight until about 7:00 AM, when normalcy returned.  But I was able to record only a part of Fox's Red Eye at midnight.  Bummer. 

We woke to another thin blanket of snow Friday morning.  The snowfall quickly turned to a drizzle.  We dropped off Ramsey and Kelsey at the Grand Canyon Railway kennel, and headed for Flagstaff.  We had four primary things to do:  Becky's haircut, my PET scan, lunch at Pato Thai, and picking up trac light parts for the bedroom project.  On the way to Flagstaff, the drizzle turned to real snow. 

At the Arizona Summit it was about a foot thick on the ground.  Flagstaff was dreary but very manageable.  We accomplished all of our tasks with alacrity, except that I didn't realize until we got home that the trac strip was the wrong color.

We'll get the PET scan results in a day or so.  It is supposed to tell us if there is cancer anywhere in my body besides what we already know about.  It will be interesting to see what the results say about the prostate cancer we dealt with in 2013.             


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