Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday, July 6, through Friday, July 10, 2015: The End of Radiaton:

We returned to our normal routine Monday morning.  Becky convinced me (it wasn't that difficult) that the screen over the spa had to go, so after my radiation treatment (the first of the final five) we stopped at Home Depot in Flagstaff to pick up the necessary parts to convert the screen to just a protective tarp on top of the spa cover.  I took down the screen and re-installed it as a tarp.  Much better. 

We celebrated by relaxing in the spa for several minutes.  Aaaaah. 

We had a simple dinner, and crashed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were routine days, though I picked up the new spa cover on Wednesday.  We'll install it next week after returning from Los Angeles.  Thursday involved a visit from Lynn from Goodman Electric to hang a couple of lights in our patio and garage. 

He's such a nice man, and he did a great job.  Later, we had a visit from Brian, who is scheduled to bring a crew to paint (oil) the outside of our house in a week or so.  We made some interim decisions and he was on his way.  He seems very competent.  We're expecting big things from this exercise.

Since we're taking the Amtrak train to Los Angeles this Friday night, I decided to start tracking its on-time record on Wednesday.  Since the train starts in Chicago, there are a number of reasons for it to be late---even in the summer when weather is not a factor.  The Wednesday night train was four hours late.  That made us think briefly about driving the 450 boring miles instead.  (One time, the train was so late getting to Williams that we drove instead, spending the night in Needles, California, and yet we still beat the train to LA.)  But the Thursday night train was right on time, and, as of 9:00 AM Friday morning, the Friday night train was also right on schedule.  At noon the train started drifting off-schedule, and it finally arrived 3 1/2 hours late (at 1:00 AM instead of 9:30 PM)  We hung in there, though, and made the trip.   

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