Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, through Tuesday, July 21, 2015: An Easy Week:

We truly did relax on Wednesday---finally. 

Even though I went to the hardware store for some stuff, I was still in my pajamas.  The only thing of any substance we did was install the new spa cover.  That took all of five minutes, including cutting up the cardboard box the new one came in to fit in the recycle bin.  And we didn't even finish taking the old cover to the garage.

On Thursday we took the old cover to the garage, then I took it to the dump.  I also had a long conversation with a lady at Transamerica regarding some commissions owed to Becky's dad.  That took care of Thursday's special activities.  Otherwise, it was an ordinary day---meaning I read and Becky walked the dogs.  Friday was similar except Becky went to Flagstaff to get some chemical for our spa and I made train reservations for a trip to San Diego next month.  I also prepared some more documents relating to Becky's dad's affairs. 

And the Friday night redbox movie was Woman In Gold, with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. It was a terrific film.


We started out Saturday with a rare morning dip in the spa.  It felt great, but I think it got rid of any big plans I had for that day.  I spent the day going back and forth between crossword puzzles and Fury, the book by Robert K. Tanenbaum I'm reading.  The Saturday redbox movie was Kingsmen, Secret Service, an awful movie, starring Colin Firth (surprisingly, since he's such a terrific actor) that was supposed to be funny, I guess, but was just stupid.

Sunday was a quiet day, and I finally finished Fury.  Not a great book; too complicated.  We had filets mignon for dinner.  Yum!

Monday and Tuesday were generally dedicated to follow-up with some of Bill Shelton's stuff.  (But Tuesday morning, we snuck out to breakfast for the first time in months---to the Pine Tree Restaurant.  Yummy!) 

One of the interesting events of the two days involved my following up with the insurer of his home in response to an inquiry, and was told the insurance was no longer valid since the house was vacant, and we had to procure a different kind of policy. That started a flurry of activity, eighteen phone calls, three attempts to fax paperwork, and, ultimately, success.   It's amazing how hard some of these people are to pin down on just what it is they need from us to take possession of, and manage, his assets.  I got so frustrated at one point that Becky has taken over regarding some of the issues.

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