Monday, May 9, 2016

Friday, May 6, through Thursday, May 12, 2016: Barbara and the Rig:

Friday morning, Becky went to Flagstaff to have her hair cut, leaving the dogs with me.  As usual, they slept the entire time she was gone. 

After she returned, I took the truck to the repair shop to have the new bumper installed.  All went well, and you can hardly tell (from a distance) that I had hit the tree.  That night's TV was three more episodes (from Netflix) of the second season of True Detective.  It's starting to drag a bit, but I'm sure we'll watch the whole season, eventually.

Barbara's train showed up only 13 minutes late, at 3:58 in the morning.  She took the shuttle to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, where Becky picked her up. 

After we said our hellos and had the appropriate hugs, we all went back to bed for a few hours.  Barbara had brought a jigsaw puzzle for a diversion, and the ladies attacked it with vigor.  Saturday afternoon, the three of us went to the Shane Knight Gallery in Williams to see what to do about a large nearly empty wall space in our dining area.  Surprise:  The solution was more pictures! 

After selecting four prints to add to the one we already hang there, we came home and had dinner (Filets Mignon and Baked Potatoes) and the ladies went back to the jigsaw puzzle while I did crossword puzzles.

Sunday was a day for Becky and Barbara to take a field trip to Sedona.  The weather did not cooperate, but they had a good time anyway. 

They had Prickly Pear Margaritas and Tapas at the El Rincon Restaurant before heading home to a dinner of just snacks.  (I had eaten a late lunch, so I joined in the snacks.)  After some work on the jigsaw puzzle, we watched The Immigrant from Netflix after dinner.  I thought it was dreary; the ladies liked it.

Monday the ladies toured Bearizona.  Becky has a season pass, so it was free.  Hooray!  Apparently, the staff was not attentive enough to their stated mission to prevent bears from getting pregnant and there was a new, tiny, adorable, baby bear on display.

The three of us then went to the Historic Brewing Company in Williams for a quick drink and snack.  The place is brand new (forget the "historic") and is owned by the same people who owned the Mexican restaurant that was in the same space as the brewing company for many years.  The joint is fun, and the food we had (stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto) was very good.  We must go back.

Becky prepared nice pasta for dinner, after which I read while the ladies finished the jigsaw puzzle Barbara had brought.

Barbara's train was scheduled for 9:33 pm and was several minutes late (it starts in Chicago and has many opportunities to get sidetracked for a while), and I dropped her off a little after 9:00 at the GC Railway Hotel to get on the shuttle to the spot in the middle of the forest where the train stops.  It was the end of a terrific weekend with her.  We thoroughly enjoyed her visit.

Tuesday morning I had a wonderful massage at Natanya Nagy's "Healing Hands" place in Williams.  Becky had seen her 10 days ago and recommended her highly.  While I was getting massaged, Becky and the dogs walked to the Santa Fe Dam, one of the water sources for Williams.

Wednesday, we took the RV out of the barn and started getting it ready for the trip we were planning to start on Friday.  Getting it ready involves moving a bunch of stuff (clothes, kitchen items, etc.) from the house to the rig.  Becky did the lion's share of the work, of course, over the next 2+ days.  Making sure all mechanical systems were in good working order was my job.  

Wednesday also involved a little shopping in Flagstaff, where I got a haircut, followed by getting the new bumper on the truck---back in Williams.  Talon did a good job, and afterwards, Becky and I decided the body damage was not too visible and it probably was not worth the hassle to get it fixed.  Besides, while the visible damage was slight, the cost to fix it would be huge, and result in a large insurance claim. I called the adjuster and withdrew the claim.

Thursday's highlight was Becky having dinner at the Crazy Thai in Williams with Danielle Worthington and Carmen Rice.  It was Danielle's treat in honor of Becky and Carmen's birthdays---the following Thursday.  Earlier, Becky had taken the dogs to the fire hydrant at the Visitor Center for the typical picture.  It was to match the picture taken last year of just the two dogs (i.e., before we got Libby).

And I took the truck back to Talon for some small adjustments to the new bumper.         

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