Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, through Monday, May 30, 2016: Back to Reality:

First thing on Tuesday, Becky took the dogs for a walk while I had another great massage from Natanya Nagy in her "Healing Hands" shop.  Otherwise, Tuesday was devoted to getting re-settled in our house and clearing out the RV.  Naturally, Becky did the lion's share of the work, and it was an early evening crash for both of us.

I had an appointment in Flagstaff on Wednesday with my urologist, Dr. Benson.  He is very satisfied with the apparent remission from prostate cancer that resulted from the radiation and drugs we started in 2013.  After seeing him, we stopped at the I Do I Do wedding clothing place and I arranged to rent an outfit for the Buckelew wedding in July.  The invitation called for "semi-formal" attire and I don't even own a suit, so this was a necessity.  I saw no reason to buy a suit I would never wear again. 

On the way home, we picked up a Pablo Picasso Mexican Salad at Oregano's, only half of which we had for an early dinner Tuesday evening.  After watching the very bittersweet redbox movie involving cancer, Miss You Already, starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Colette, we hit the sack.

Thursday, we finished preparing the rig for its re-entry into the barn, which we accomplished with some unexpected ease.  We tried not adjusting the height of the hitch on the truck, which we have thought we had to do in the past, and the home on wheels went into the barn without a scratch.  That saved a lot of time, energy, and bruised knuckles. 

On Friday, Dr. Boettcher decided the "stuff" we'd been using to close the tiny hole in my scalp had stopped working, so we scheduled for June 9 a different procedure---that required a brief outpatient visit to the Flagstaff Medical Center.  On the way home, we stopped at I Do I Do again, this time to actually fit my suit (and its accessories) for the Buckelew wedding. 

Cindy was very professional and I'm confident I will be dazzling.  (Although there was a family in there that didn't seem to be willing to be happy no matter what Cindy did for them.  I think it was nerves.)

Saturday was another wedding clothes day.  Becky had ordered a dress from Macy's on the Internet and it was time to decide whether to keep it.  I didn't care for it and my clothes sense controls---so back it goes!

Sunday we started receiving daily emails from our granddaughter Meghan who is touring Israel with her parents and sister.  Meghan and Emily were there last year as students; this year they went as adults.  Meghan is in charge of reporting their activities.  It's early in the trip but all indications are that they are having a marvelous time.  It's easy to understand how visiting the Holy Land could make a deep impression on Jews (which the four of them are, of course) so I am not only not surprised that they are having a rewarding experience, but I'm glad that they have made such detailed plans for the trip so they can squeeze such great experiences from it.  I only fear that the occasional Middle East terrorism events will not interrupt their joyful time.

As odd as it may seem, Becky and I have been invited to a reunion of the extended family of my first wife, Shirley.  My daughter and Shirley's sister, both named Donna, are in charge.  (Shirley passed away several years ago.)  In anticipation of the reunion, we made reservations on Sunday for hotel rooms in Beaver, Utah, and Kanab, Utah, through which we will pass on the way to Park City and then back to Williams.

Due to communication failures, Becky had to cancel a Sunday hiking trip in Sedona with Laura Dillon, a former Xanterra associate.

Monday was Memorial Day, of course, and we planned to celebrate it in our usual way.  We bought a couple of tabloids (e.g., National Enquirer) and planned to take them and a couple of nice wines and a bunch of cheese and crackers to our back yard---to catch up on the important news while picnicking.  The weather intervened, though, and we ended up having our picnic at our dining room table instead.  It was just fine.

Earlier in the day, Becky had gone to the Shane Knight Gallery in Williams to pick up four framed "horse" pictures from Canyon de Chelles (in Arizona) to complete a collage on one of the walls in our dining area.  We had ordered them a couple of weeks ago.  We are very pleased with the outcome.


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