Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, October 30, through Friday, November 11: Transitions are A-Coming!

Becky left San Gabriel, California for Williams, Arizona, around 10:00am on Sunday.  There were a few rain drops as she headed up Interstate 15 through the Cajon Pass.  She got diesel in Barstow.  Then, about a 100 miles west of Needles, on Interstate 40, something weird happened.

Becky had locked Richard's UCLA helium balloons, from the Celebration of Life, in the truck bed. Between Barstow and Needles, she heard a commotion. The UCLA balloons actually escaped from her truck bed and floated high up into the sky!!! Of course, her immediate reaction was "Richard, was that your doing???"  Becky had been told to look for signs that Richard was looking out for her, or leaving little jokes.  Yes, indeed! 

The dogs were picked up at Cinder Hills Kennel on Monday.  The kennel does a nice job celebrating Halloween.

Ramsey, Libby, and Kelsey also enjoy the daily 2 mile hikes.  It is an extra fee, but so worth it!

Later in the afternoon, Becky visited Camping World to buy a new satellite dish to go with her new trailer.  Dustin, the retail associate, worked to set it up.  He was working with an old DirecTV receiver from the 5th wheel.

Becky had her eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed about 25 years ago. Obviously, they had faded years ago.  She had heard that there was a new technician in Williams who did an amazing new technique for eyebrows.  Bailie is her name, and Becky went in for the first of two treatments.  Bailie makes the eyebrows full on tattooed eye lashes.

The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908.  Richard was born in Chicago and always routed for his Cubs.  The excitement of the evening was that the Cubs won the world series!!!  Yes, Richard, I am sure was ready for this to happen.  It was very exciting.  Becky even adorned his photo with his much worn Cubs t-shirt.  Okay, maybe that is too much.  But it happened.

Thursday, Becky had an appointment at Camping World to do a "walk thru" of her new trailer.  She was met by Lee, who does the "walk thru" program.  He first familiarized Becky with the outside functions of the trailer.  Then, the inside.  The trailer had been winterized.  Becky asked that they reverse that element.  Becky had to buy a new DirecTV receiver.  The old one from the 5th wheel was not responding properly.  The new trailer was delivered to Williams late in the afternoon.

Becky noticed that the south gate was no longer attached at the top.  It was already the weekend and Buffalo Fence is not open until Monday.  The gate was put in just shy of a year ago.

With the new trailer in the backyard, it was time to begin loading it with dishes, pots, pans, etc. The garage had all of the items Becky took out of the 5th wheel.  It was a slower process than Becky had imagined.  She even had to order towel racks, install toilet paper holder, etc.

Saturday morning, Becky walked the dogs early.  She was meeting Stephanie and Joe Hap in Flagstaff for breakfast.  They met at Martanne's Breakfast Place --- a very busy and happening place.

It was a fun meeting.  Joe has 8-week appointments in Flagstaff for follow-up treatment for his lymphoma.  All seems to be going well for him.

Becky decided to camp out in the backyard with the dogs.  So, for four nights, Becky, Ramsey, Libby, and Kelsey slept in the new trailer.  It took several nights for the dogs to adjust to the new digs.  But, they did!

And, Kelsey enjoyed the fireplace!

Monday morning, Joe and Stephanie Raffel, stopped by to pick up Richard's hearing devices.  They were headed back to Albuquerque.  Joe's devices were almost 11 years old.  It was fun giving Richard's devices to Joe.  Richard just had them a little over a year.  And, Joe and Stephanie had already been to a hearing clinic that handles Oticon products.

Tuesday night was a nail biter.  The 2016 Presidential Election.  Becky had been a Trump supporter from the very beginning.  But, it was an up and down rollercoaster supporting the candidate for 18 months.  Becky and her sister, Wendy, texted each other throughout the evening.  It appeared that Trump was going to win, but it was still a long night.  Fortunately, the win was announced at 12:30am Mountain time.  Yippee!!!!

The next day, Becky realized that the one propane tank was out.  It had been colder weather in Williams and the trailer camping needed the heat from the fireplace and heater.  So, for the first time in Becky's life, she took the propane tank to get refilled. 

Richard's brother, Bob, is still in the hospital.  There seems to be little improvement.  He is still in ICU --- with dialysis and continuing colon issues.  It has been over four weeks.  Bob was so wonderful flying out to Flagstaff to see Richard --- as it turns out --- the day before he died.  Bob was always so active and vibrant.  His wife Elise mentions how weak and helpless he is.  So very sad.

Becky had an appointment with Dr. Adam Boettcher, Richard's plastic surgeon. 

She took a fall in the kitchen in July --- slipped on a liquid leak --- and fell flat on her face on the marble tile.  Her left cheek was not healing properly.  There is a double dimple and some hard mass under the skin.  Dr. Boettcher explained some surgery options, but suggested that she massage the area for several months.  If not improvement, Becky will probably have Dr. Boettcher operate to normalize her cheek in the spring.

Thursday, November 10, would have been Becky and Richard's 31st anniversary.  Fortunately, the two of them had a fabulous 30th anniversary on a transatlantic cruise last year.  The glow from that wonderful vacation lingers on.

Donna was kind to call and acknowledge the date.

Friday was back to prepping the trailer.  Becky was proud of hanging a towel rack, with her toilet paper holder below.  Some of the Ebbert talent has rubbed off after all!

On this same day, Becky and her friend Isabelle, booked a trip next July with Grand Circle Travel.  They had been talking about something like this for several months.  Isabelle is a school teacher in Orange County.  Becky and Isabelle have known each other for over 33 years.  As youngsters, in their late 20s, they lived next to each other in Palm Desert.  The cruise is Old World Prague and the Blue Danube.  Fun!

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