Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, through Thursday, December 31, 2015: The End of the Year:

We spent Thursday (Christmas Eve) looking for the snow we were promised.  It barely showed up;  we had just a dusting for Christmas morning.  It was pretty, though, and the four of us took advantage of it.  I got to wear my Sorels for the first time.  They are so comfortable!

Christmas is a special time for me, and I mostly enjoy just soaking in the joy and comfort of the season.  This is the first time in many years that we haven't spent Christmas with Becky's family in Pasadena, but it just wasn't in the cards this time around.  We phoned them and shared greetings with all of them, anyway.

Saturday we were greeted with great views of a nicely snow-covered Mt. Humphreys.  Just lovely.  For no apparent reason, that compelled us to have Mexican food for a late lunch/early dinner.  We chose Fiesta Grill, a new restaurant we had not tried before. 

It was opened by a family named Rodriguez, whose son, so the story goes, was passing through town and decided Williams needed a real Mexican restaurant.  The food was excellent and the people were very nice.  We'll be back for more. 

Saturday also involved a lot of football, of course, and I was particularly happy that the two Washington Pac-12 teams won their bowl games and I was disappointed, though not surprised, that UCLA was upset by Nebraska.  UCLA is consistent in that it nearly always loses games it is expected to win and vice versa.

Sunday was more football while Becky enjoyed a redbox movie called The End Of The Tour.  Otherwise, it was a day to forget.  Monday morning we received a visit from John and Sherry Phelan, who are spending a week in Scottsdale, away from the madness of southern California. 

They came the 185 miles to see our house and to have a delicious lunch at the Red Raven restaurant, our favorite in Williams.  (I had a Reuben sandwich, again.  I get into some bad habits.)  After lunch and a brief walking tour of the Route 66 memorabilia stores,

the Phelans returned to Scottsdale, and Becky and I, and the dogs, took naps.

Tuesday involved a trip to Flagstaff and our semi-annual visit with Dr. Stark for our teeth to be cleaned, etc.  The news was good, as usual, and we took our shiny teeth back to Williams in good spirits. 

Wednesday we returned to Flagstaff for our now-weekly meeting with my plastic surgeon to monitor my recovery from the recent surgery.  Dr. Boettcher was pleased, though not elated, with the progress.  Apparently, a small part of the skin graft is not doing as well as he had hoped, so we have now begun a twice-daily application (by Nurse Becky) of a magic cream to the surgery site. 

We'll see if that helps.  On the way home, we picked up a Pablo Picasso Mexican Salad from Oregano's, which we thoroughly enjoyed when we got home.  Wednesday night, USC got beaten (narrowly) by Wisconsin in the Holiday Bowl.  Yippee! 

Thursday (New Year's Eve) was filled with a lot of football and a little champagne. We don't take this "holiday" seriously and rarely stay up past nine o'clock.  And  this year was no exception.  I was really looking forward to the Alabama/Michigan State game, but my eyes were too tired after Clemson/Oklahoma game that I went to sleep instead.  That turned out to be good because Michigan State got its butt thoroughly kicked by Alabama, which I would not have enjoyed watching.  Becky was able to sneak in another redbox movie, Southpaw, with Jake Gyllenhaal, which she enjoyed.

Thus ended a complicated 2015.               

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